There is hope! You can free up time and feel more in control.Confidently prepare your CMA’s knowing you can fill any of the gaps quickly and easily with the missing statistics you need. Imagine having a third party resource to educate Buyers and Sellers as to what their specific market is doing so they can make smarter, safer and if necessary quicker decisions. You can know in seconds the chances of a home selling in any price range and in any neighbourhood helping you make wiser business decisions. Imagine a Seller actually listening to your opinion and pricing their home to sell and not to sit on the market expiring with endless showings. Impress clients instantly with your in-depth knowledge and understanding of the market with the investment of only a few minutes a week. You can be top of mind effortlessly with your database and show them the Expert you are. You can be the successful REALTOR® you want to be in any type of market with more efficient client meetings and with listings priced right the first time.

If it is so easy why haven’t you done it?

You’re probably not aware that there is a much better way to use your time to communicate market values and trends with your clients. It’s always been done in an old school way. It’s not your fault that you don’t know any different, almost everyone runs their business the same way – and most struggle with time – until they learn something different. Bottom line: there is a different more effective and profitable way and it has not been available until now.

The solution is SnapStats™.

Smart and successful REALTORS® know they must leverage themselves with tools and resources to maximize their time. The best investment you can make in business is to invest in a time-saving resource that provides you the ability to assist your clients to make the best decisions they can. Don’t let its simplicity fool you. This low cost, powerful and unique resource tool will change your business with more productive client meetings and sellers pricing their homes right the first time resulting in less showings for you and a quicker sale.

SnapStats™ is the resource you can trust and rely on.

For over a year now SnapStats™ has been helping Medallion recipients and six figure REALTORS™ be more efficient and productive with their time. Our many subscribers are satisfied and excited when their monthly SnapStats market information report arrives which is easy, effective and professionally designed for your client meetings or as a monthly item-of-value to share with them.

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adminThere is hope!
You can free up time and feel more in control.