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SnapStats brings simplicity and clarity to complex real estate data and statistics. Whether you’re preparing a Listing Presentation, setting a price, networking with prospects, or advising clients, SnapStats gives you a big edge over other REALTORS® and other stat packages available to you. You’ll know which neighborhoods are hot, what home types and size are in demand, detailed inventory info, asking and sale prices, average time spent on market, and many more useful details and figures—all broken down in a clear, single page customized with your name and contact information.

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SnapStats’ charts, tables and graphs are simple to understand. In minutes, you’ll see market trends, sales to active listing ratio, month-to-month comparisons, and much more. They’re broken down using all sorts of relevant factors—including price range, neighbourhood, bedroom number, and much more. This gives you the amazing ability to pinpoint trends and statistics customized to your client’s personal needs. SnapStats is the only tool of its kind that will get you more listings, impress existing clients, attract new ones, and predict market trends months ahead of your competitors.

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