“I’m starting to realize the competitive edge I bring with these reports and all your products. As I share them more and more with other REALTORS I discover they are not a customer of yours. Thank you very much for providing such a great service. I am truly impressed!”
Mariko Baerg
Sutton Group West Coast Realty
“This is one of the few billings I enjoy paying. Keep up the great work.”
Bill Dunlop
Sutton Seafair Realty
sean holden “Thank you for providing me with such a wonderful tool that has enabled me to keep in touch with past clients and to connect with new prospective clients since I stated my mail campaign in June 2013. It is interesting to see how often an inquiry from a past client comes in following my mail outs and the connection with overseas investors is a whole new chapter in my sales book. Apart from my newsletter, SnapStats® has been a great addition to my home evaluation and listing presentations.”
Sean Holden
RE/MAX Real Estate Services
brian fedyshen “We find your reports so easy to read and explain to our clients!”
Brian Fedyshen
Royal LePage Brookside Realty
tony caya “Love the reports and all the extras. I’m finding the reports are a great tool to have on my belt!”
Tony Caya
Park Georgia Realty
shafik “After meeting Nancy and listening to her explain SnapStats in one of our monthly meetings, subscribing to SnapStats was a no brainer. The graphs [statistics] she creates using REBGV data are easy to read, easy to understand and a valuable tool in many of my listing and buyer presentations. More importantly, I use it daily because SnapStats lays out the market evidence perfectly. After 23 years in the business, SnapStats has to be one of the greatest real estate tools that I have come across.
Shafik Ladha, PREC
Life Member Medallion Club – 1993

RE/MAX Westcoast
sheila francis “Thanks for a powerful presentation that compelled us to subscribe to SnapStats. I received my first price reduction this morning as a result of using the stats and have used them on my most resistant sellers with an upper end home – I usually receive a very quick “no” – but this time, my request is under consideration. So….I’m a fan! Love your stats – very clever and easy to use.
Sheila Francis
MLS President’s Club (Top 1%)

RE/MAX Sabre Realty Group
jennifer_hart “Many thanks for the stats, they have taken my business to another level for all the years I have subscribed.”
Jennifer Hart
RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
moe pourtaghi “SnapStats helped me overcome all objections so that my client could make an informed decision and feel confident about her offer. We negotiated a much better deal and finally got an accepted offer on the home she liked. I thank you again for your quick response to my email to send me the reports on such short notice over the long weekend. This for sure helped me to save the deal as she had a ticket to fly back home on the Monday.”
Moe Pourtaghi
Sutton Group West Coast Realty
lidia_li “Thanks very much for your kind attention and real professionalism demonstrated during the whole process for my subscription. [SnapStats] helps me a lot during my usage for listing presentations, open houses adding value etc.”
Lidia Li, PREC
Medallion Club Member 8 consecutive years
michelle-vaughan “Snapstats is a fantastic product and the service is awesome.”
Michelle Vaughan
VPG Realty
faith-wilson “…Nancy, You know I have been in the biz for a long time and we older timers can get a bit complacent. Well you really inspired me! I was so energized and enthused by your presentation yesterday, that I got in here early this morning to upgrade our listings presentation system so that we will be better prepared as a team prior to, and at our presentation.There is no silver bullet in the business. Being prepared, consistency and getting in front of the people who need our help are the keys to success. And a big part of being prepared is understanding the market, and that means being able to monitor and read the statistics so that we can provide “real , quantifiable market knowledge” to our clients.Thank you Nancy for providing one of the key elements to our success.”
Faith Wilson
Recipient of Elite Diamond Master Medallion Club Award
Medallion Club Member Since 1998

Faith Wilson Group & Infinite Real Estate Services
DL_300-2 “…As I mentioned prior to Snap-Stats I was doing the same thing on my own thinking there has to be a better way to quantify the market. Now there is. SnapStats takes the guessing out and I can better focus on the areas/priorities that matter and spend my time being even more productive.”
Doug LeMaire
Sutton Group West Coast Realty
Lasko “Nancy, I really love snapstats and it is a huge help in listing presentations and in just having numbers at my fingertips when people ask! Just wanted you to know how much I use it and appreciate it.”
Andrew Lasko CPA, CA
Bryant & Lasko Real Estate Team

RE/MAX Metro Realty
patti I can attribute $70,000 of my total revenue in 2011 and 2012 directly to using SnapStats at my open houses. It’s THE most powerful lead generation tool imaginable. You only have one chance to make a first impression and with the SnapStats statistics I was able to turn those first impressions into sales. Pennies a day…it’s a no brainer.”
Patti Caldwell
Infinite Real Estate Services
kevin-anstey “A large portion of my work as a Realtor involves land development. For many years I would find a developable parcel of land then try and market it to a developer. I started sending monthly SnapStats reports to developer clients about a year ago. My business has changed significantly since then. I find that most of my business now is developers calling me to find them property in target areas, or to negotiate the purchase of specific parcels of land for them. SnapStats has helped me to maintain a constant profile in front of my developer client base and to position myself in a positive light to those clients. Last year was my best year ever.”
Kevin Anstey
Royal LePage West Real Estate Services
diana-76x112 “I started handing out my SnapStats report while prospecting at my open houses and right away some of the feedback received was ‘I’ve been looking for a REALTOR® to work with that I can trust. You have given me such valuable information and are truly a professional that I want you as my REALTOR®.’Then I started using it at my listing presentations and the feedback received was ‘You really know your stuff, I’ve interviewed several realtors but have decided I want to work with you.’Thanks to SnapStats my business has increased and I have implemented it in all areas of my business.”
Diana Dickey
Sutton Seafair Realty
“SnapStats is well categorized informational data that we rely on as professionals and present to our clients. It is extremely resourceful by providing a true reflection of the current market conditions and allows consumers and realtors to make accurate decisions. A powerful tool in the growth of our business!”
Azita and Aman Nouri
Medallion Club Master Member since 2001

Sutton West Coast Realty
“A fantastic tool that’s so easy to use and a valuable asset to my listing and buyer presentations. Also an excellent way to update my client base regularly so they can see how the market is really performing where they live or may want to move to. Can’t see why any agent wouldn’t want to use SnapStats!”
Marion Patrick
Medallion Club Member since 2002 | RE/MAX Hall of Fame

RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
“Thank you Nancy for a wonderful tool that is now part of all my buyer and seller presentations. The information is to the point and concise which empowers my clients to make confident decisions on their next step in Real Estate. Congratulations and all the best!”
Jessica Chen
Medallion Club 4 Years

Sutton West Coast Realty
Faye Erbe “Thank you so much for including year to date monthly reports [for all three report editions]. Although most of my business is in Vancouver Metro, friends and family often ask for my help in other areas and it is really great to have access to these reports for such occasions. Thank you again, this is a great resource!”
​Faye Erbe
TRG The Resisential Group Realty​
“Nancy, Thank you so much for coming into our Sales Meeting today. What a GREAT Product and Presentation. As you could see by how many signed up, you have a winning product. It is very important for all those who are using your product to be able to explain the data to their customers, not simply quote the stats! Great Job [in explaining the interpretation of the data]….see you soon!”
Michael La Prairie, President
CENTURY 21 In Town Realty
dale-tb “WOW – THESE ARE AWESOME STATS! I have been telling everyone about these stats. I get more feedback from these stats than anything else I have ever sent to my database. I also use them in my listing presentations and as handouts at open houses. Thank you so very much Nancy and Team SnapStats.”
Dale McGauran
Medallion Club Member Since 2006

RE/MAX Select Properties
ian-tb “…and more importantly thank you for making these amazing stats available!
View Ian’s Video Testimonial
Ian Watt
Medallion Club Member since 2005

Sutton Group West Coast Realty
“I have been using SnapStats for a few months now and I couldn’t believe the positive response that I received back from my clients! It is a great way to stay in touch with past clients with our monthly SnapStats e-mail. Also current buyers and sellers love being up to speed with what the current market is doing. Anyone in the real estate industry could utilize this informative report.
Adriaan Schipper
Medallion Club Member since 2005  | RE/MAX Hall of Fame

RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
“I wish to compliment you on SnapStats. You have developed a powerful tool, that presents a great deal of information in a simple and concise format. You have managed to accomplished the impossible; you have made statistics look nice and make sense! Well done and congratulations!
Rick Gustavson
Medallion Member | RE/MAX Hall of Fame

RE/MAX Gustavson
“SnapStats has become a permanent fixture in all our lead generation systems and presentation tools for Buyers, Sellers and Open House information packages. It is much easier to read then the Board stats and requires next to no explanation to our clients. The report name speaks for itself – they are “Stats in a snap.”
Les Twarog
Medallion Club Since 1994 | RE/MAX Hall of Fame

RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
“SnapStats has saved me hours of compiling and dissecting sales activity each month. SnapStats provides me with the information I need and is in a format that can be easily read by my clients. The monthly report is great for my clients to see what has taken place in the local real estate market. I use it for my listing presentations , my active clients and for my past clients too! Everyone wants to make informed decisions when it comes to real estate and SnapStats is an excellent resource for doing so.”
Garrett Robinson
Medallion Club 2000 | RE/MAX Hall of Fame

RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
helen “Nancy I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation yesterday. By sharing your expertise, and explaining how to make use of Snap Stats in the more detailed form has certainly given me new insight on how the data can be even more beneficial to me. Thank you for taking the time to visit our Office.
Helen Pettipiece
Medallion Club Member

Sutton Group Seafair Realty
“SnapStats was the tool I needed (and used) to close my Buyer on a $1.9 million offer minutes before the midnight deadline.SnapStats reported that it was officially a Buyers market in the neighbourhood and price band. This information helped my buyer gain clarity on this pocket market and she decided to hold firm on her full price offer convincing the Sellers to accept her final counteroffer at midnight. She was very happy and feeling she was successful in finding her dream home at a current and fair market price.”
Ken Stef
RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
rhonda “Thanks to Team SnapStats! I love Snap Stats and the Greater Vancouver report for sure helped me obtain a listing a couple weeks ago. Such a valuable tool!”
Rhonda Ennis
Dexter Associates Realty
“I am using your [Fraser Valley] report and having good results with it, so keep up the great work! Thanks!”
Martin Steward
Sutton Group West Coast Realty
“SnapStats® has been a fantastic tool for growing my business since I began subscribing to it last year. I had already been sending a monthly glossy newsletter which appealed to many of my clients and was full of lifestyle and home improvement ideas. However, it is SnapStats® that really appeals, particularly to my professional clients, who appreciate the sophisticated and detailed analytics. I can count on regularly being contacted by many of the recipients after each month’s mail-out. In short, it is not simply one more way to touch base with my clients, it is the indispensible tool that I have come to rely on. I wholeheartedly recommend its use!”
Tyler Barrs, BA, LL.B
Medallion Club Member 2011 | Rookie of the Year (Office) 2011

RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
I absolutely love these stats and I use them all the time. They are part of our listing presentations for the area the Seller resides.”
Carmen McCracken
RE/MAX Westcoast
Mark Longpre “Subscribing to SnapStats® for a year now has enabled me to make twelve extra quality client touches solidifying my role as “Expert” in my client’s eyes. The detailed analysis of the current monthly real estate market is presented in a way that is both easy to understand and pleasing to the eye. SnapStats® is a great resource to help Sellers understand the current market conditions to guide them in their decision process to price their home appropriately. The professionalism of the report makes it a very competitive marketing product.”
Mark Longpre
Medallion Award Winner | RE/MAX Platinum Club Member

RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
“I was impressed initially when Nancy gave a presentation about SnapStats at our office. I had no idea how invaluable it would become in my business. I send SnapStats out to my database every month and the feedback I have received is extremely positive. I use SnapStats at my open houses every weekend and after two months, I have acquired 15 buyer and seller leads actively working with me to help them find their next home. I also use this data for my listing presentations. It’s incredibly powerful information to win the listing and properly inform your clients. Subscribing to Snap Stats is one of the best investments I have made in my Real Estate career.”
Craig Veroni
RE/MAX Crest Realty
“I love your report and use it every month for my clients and prospective clients. It is an awesome tool! Thank you for your good work!”
Wendy Mills
MLS Medallion Club Teams 2011 | RE/MAX 100% Club

RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
deborah-tb2 “I am very excited about the opportunity SnapStats is giving to our Realtors and their clients to truly understand the current market conditions and trends that they will need to work with when they buy or sell. The report is so easy to read and very relevant to our current market plus emerging trends. Planning your marketing strategy for the next quarter and year will be made much easier. Knowing how to talk to the consumer about what environment they are going to be buying or selling in and adjusting one’s approach to fit the circumstances will result in more sales and more satisfied clients. This also has to be good for building one’s referral base as well. This is a wonderful tool for both the consumer and REALTOR and I highly recommend its use.”
Deborah Upton, BSc, BEd
President and Co Owner

RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
“Nancy Beaton from SnapStats provides excellent detailed market statistics.” [As featured in Ozzie’s February 23, 2012 Facts by Email]
Ozzie Jurock
Richard Bell “In my 25 years of practicing real estate law, Snapstats is the only tool that I have seen that delivers timely information that focuses on sales and sales to active listings percent rates for individual price bands and neighbourhoods. For REALTORS® this is an absolute essential resource they need for lead generation and follow-up to guarantee business success as well to provide this unique report to their valued clients every month.”
Richard Bell
Bell Alliance Lawyers & Notaries
“My REALTOR® helped me with my decision to sell my Vancouver investment condo by providing me with a detailed market snapshot [SnapStats®] of historical price movements for different unit sizes and values, completed sales and the probability of a sale within a given time frame given different listing prices. As a result of SnapStats®, the property sold within the first week of listing including all furnishings and the sale completed within 4 weeks. We were positioned perfectly to capitalize on a lower than average inventory of competing listings and striking the market before a forecasted trend by SnapStats® of increased listings entering the market.”
Robert Maguire, MSc
Director Robert Maguire Consulting Ltd

London, England
Mary Stark “Thank you very much – your level of service and customer satisfaction is excellent!”
Mary Stark
RE/MAX Select Properties
“Our REALTOR® continued to keep in contact with us and provide regular monthly updates on the real estate market. When one of those reports [SnapStats®] noted that the market had improved and competition for comparable suites was low, we decided to list our home immediately. We received three offers in the first week and found ourselves in a multiple offer scenario. This success was proof that our Realtor’s suggested listing price and sales forecast was accurate and well supported by the SnapStats® report numbers. Two months later she updated us that there were now over twelve comparable homes for sale in the complex and all ferociously fighting for that same buyer. We sold at the perfect time.”
M & K Sutton
California, USA
Sandor Gregorin “As a REALTOR® the most common question I’ve always been asked is “How’s the market?” SnapStats has been a great resource in that I am now always excited to answer the question and sound like “the” Expert.Every month my current clients and potential clients receive the latest SnapStats Report because of its detailed current market information. The layout is easy to use and understand, and allows me to email it or print it as a very professional open house tool. A great product! Thank you SnapStats!”
Sandor Gregorin
RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
Andreas Nystrom “As a new agent I did not know of an item of value to send out monthly to clients. SnapStats looked like a very intelligent way of keeping clients informed and to keep me on “Top of Mind”. Now every month when I send out the latest statistics report my phone rings and I receive emails with questions about the market. I also know my custom SnapStats Report is getting passed along to friends and family of my clients who are interested in the market along with my personal contact information on each and every page.”
Andreas Nystrom
RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
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