Many agents tag their keys not giving much thought to the risk they are putting themselves and their clients in. It is our experience that the majority of REALTORS® tag their keys in one of the following three ways:

1. Office name / Office address; or
2. Agent’s name / Agent’s website; or
3. No identification (no risk but no chance of key recovery.)

The first two are unsafe. When someone finds your keys all they must do is go to your website and “My Listings” or to your office website and “Our Office Listings or Featured Listings” page and speculate from the displayed listings which home the keys may likely open.

It’s FREE* for subscribers. This is how it works…


1. Each plastic key tag is printed with its own unique ID number and a prompt to contact us if found.

2. New subscribers will receive their complimentary key tags in the third month of their active subscription by mail.


As part of your listing presentation explain how you subscribe to a key management program and that their keys and therefore their home and family are safe and secure.

SAFEKEY is FREE for current subscribers at the time keys are reported lost. We request you reward your good Samaritan with a cash award. A $30 fee will be required prior to recovery if you are a cancelled subscriber, or re-subscribed less than 14 days. We will never handle your keys/strong but instead liaison between yourself and your good Samaritan to protect your identity and the identity of your client’s home. We will never disclose your identity to the good Samaritan. New subscribers are eligible for their free keytags after two months of a paid and active subscription.

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Key Management & Recovery Program