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We highly recommend that you take the time to watch ALL videos offered below based on our popular SnapStats Supersized workshop. We promise each contain at least one gem you are not implementing or have thought of for your business. Those that have attended our SnapStats SuperSized workshop high-five us as they are so excited by what they learned. WEBINARS are coming to you soon.

Interpretating SnapStats
Sales Ratio % Quick: Super short video demonstrating the power of the SnapStats Sales Ratio %.
Sales Ratio % In Depth: Highly Recommended for listing presentations and client meetings.
Sales Ratio % CHEAT SHEET
13 Month Market Trend Graph: How it made one REALTOR $23,186 in 5 days
CMA's & Listing Presentations using SnapStats
8 Must Know Market Game Changers: Learn how to beat the media and your competition month’s before a market trend change

Listing Videos
24 Page Property Information Booklet for Showings and as a Listing Tool. PDF HERE
Analysis of Subject to Sale Offers using SnapStats
Price Reductions with SnapStats
Open Houses the SnapStats Way

Buyer Videos
Buyer Negotiations with SnapStats & BONUS: How to Win Multiple Offers (Multiple Offers how to PDF HERE)

Marketing & Lead Generation
220% More Opens with SnapStats
Easy Email Marketing with SnapStats
33 SMART TOUCH™ Pain Free Marketing: Stop Being a Secret Agent! Step-by-step PDF. Quick & Easy Option: 4 Step ACTION PLAN
Branding & Re-Ordering your report: Interim demo video. Branding step-by-step PDF HERE
How to upload to Facebook our Infographics, Videos & Market Maps. Note links provided are facebook support pages (non video)
How to upload to Twitter our Infographics & Market Maps. Note links provided are twitter support pages (non video)

So How's the Market? Answer like the EXPERT you are with SnapStats
Eight SnapStats Secrets …..shhhh!
Multiple Report Subscriptions: Pricing and SnapStats Report editions available. Learn how to get one FREE!
SAFEKEY: A free SnapStats Program
Snapstats vs Board Stats: QUICK VIDEO  or see the 10 Fundamental Differences comparison VIDEO or PDF.
SUMMARY NOTES for the Video Tutorial Library HERE (pdf)

Current market links perfect for Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites and print! 

Market Videos
Market Infographics
Market Maps & Miscellaneous
  • Map Links HERE
  • Starter Toolkit HERE
  • Video of the Month HERE (Share it)

Globe & Mail: SnapStats Interview (December 12, 2016)
Globe & Mail: Quotes SnapStats (October 14, 2016)
MINGPAO Canada: Quotes SnapStats (September 2, 2016)
AM 980 Early Edition Rick Cluff LIVE 2h30 minute mark (September 1, 2016)
CBC News: Quotes SnapStats (March 26, 2016)

    Sales Ratio % CHEAT SHEET
    Understanding Sales Ratio % Greater than 100% HERE
    Sellers Flowchart HERE. A great listing tool. Brand it with!
    Calculator Commission: Calculate the Sellers net cost to sell and Buyers commission HERE
    24 Page Property Information Booklet
     VIDEO: A great listing tool. Give to serious represented Buyers and all unrepresented Buyer showings.  
    24 Page Property Information Booklet Details HERE
    SAFEKEY: A great listing tool and FREE
    Client Appreciation Gift*: How to Use a Fire Extinguisher Poster HERE. To post next to their fire extinguisher. Brand it!
    New Listing Checklist (BC Real Estate Council) HERE
    Sales Ratio % CHEAT SHEET
    Understanding Sales Ratio % Greater than 100% HERE
    Buyer Flowchart HERE. Brand it with! Walk them through the steps one by one.
    Calculator PTT & GST: Calculate the Buyers GST and PTT payable HERE
    Calculator Commission: Quick way to complete your deal sheet commission payable HERE
    Winning Multiple Offers: Learn how HERE
    Client Appreciation Gift*: How to Use a Fire Extinguisher Poster HERE. To post next to their fire extinguisher. Brand it!
    TIP! Raffle off a fire extinguisher each month with names collected from your open house visitors through the same month.
    24 Page Property Information Booklet VIDEO: Give to every single unrepresented Buyer showing no matter the level of interest in the property
    24 Page Property Information Booklet DETAILS HERE
    Client Appreciation Gift 1*: Buyer Flowchart HERE. Brand it with! Walk them through the steps one by one
    Client Appreciation Gift 2*: How to Use a Fire Extinguisher Poster HERE. To post next to their fire extinguisher. Brand it! TIP! Raffle off a fire extinguisher each month with names collected of Buyer/Seller leads through the month.
    Sales Ratio % CHEAT SHEET
    How to Become REBGV Rookie of the Year:
    Bill Laidler (2014) Interview
    Open Houses VIDEO: The SnapStats Way
    Open House Demo VIDEO using SnapStats
    Open House & Door Knocking SCRIPT HERE. Door Knocking Safety Video HERE
    Client Appreciation Gift 1*: Buyer Flowchart HERE. Brand it with! 
    Client Appreciation Gift 2*: How to Use a Fire Extinguisher Poster HERE. To post next to their fire extinguisher. Brand it! Raffle off a fire extinguisher each month entering all names collected through the month
    LEAVE your open house and reap the rewards! Learn how HERE
  • BUSINESS TOOLS: Day to day operations (Free and Cheap)
    Free CRM (Contact management system): Hubspot
    Free notes organizer across all your devices: Evernote
    Free file sync and storage from any device: Dropbox
    Free screen and video capture: Jing
    Email templates and tracking: Yesware (one month free trial)
    Calculator PPT & GST: Calculate the Buyers GST and PTT payable HERE
    Calculator Commission: Quick way to complete your deal sheet commission payable HERE
    Accounting | Bookkeeping | GST | Taxes: See TAX & ACCOUNTING TOOLKIT heading box below
    Courier: Spotshub. Professional,  reliable and only $5. Not available after March 8, 2016 with possible return of service May 2016 apx
  • Miscellaneous GEMS
    CREA REPORT: Dangers Impacting REALTORS HEREHow to keep you and your business relevant and sustainable with today’s threats
    Read The Millionaire Real Estate Agent: (#1 Best Seller
    *Appreciation gift handouts for Listing Presentations, unrepresented Buyer Showings, Buyer Interviews, Open Houses and Door Knocking symbolizing a token of your appreciation for their time. Demonstrates your value and sincerity to help them. Suggested dialog: “I am not here to sell you anything but want to make sure you have all the information you need to understand the process and/or want to express my appreciation for meeting me with this complimentary handout of mine.”
Everything you need to know about Taxes, GST and Accounting for your Real Estate Business. We even provide you with a customized accounting template to start the new year right (certain conditions apply)!

  • Click HERE to get started. Quick links below are included in the link.
  • GST Quick Method CHEAT SHEET
  • Bookkeeping Software: Budget Advisor $24.95 USD one time fee. 30 day free trial (windows only)
  • Bookkeeping Software: QuickBooks $7 to $9 a month. 30 day free trial.
  • FREE Real Estate Budget TEMPLATE. Must download Budget Advisor above first.
  • Chart of Accounts print out HERE
  • Personal Income Tax Return CHECKLIST
  • Accountant: Jimmy Le-Tang, CPA   E:   T: 604.721.5596.  REALTORS® are Jimmy’s specialty.
Painfree and Easy Prospecting with SnapStats.

Option 1: Quick & Easy 4 Step SnapStats ACTION PLAN
Option 2: Super 33 SMART Touch Marketing System: Perfect for introverts! Watch VIDEO or read PDF for details.
SnapStats Newsletter 100% Automated Program
Mailchimp* Newsletter Step-by-Step Instructions HERE
Up for the challenge? SnapStats Door Knocking SCRIPT and Door Knocking Safety Video HERE

*IMPORTANT: MailChimp may or may not permit your real estate content account as the industry generally speaking experiences high spam/abuse counts. At time of writing it appears MailChimp has grandfathered any existing real estate account holders that are in good standing (none or an acceptable level of spam abuse/reports.)

      • No download and nothing to install. Can be done in under 60 seconds FREE with PDFEscape. Branding your report is optional as every page on your monthly report contains your full contact information but you may wish to add your photo or logo. You can also re-order or delete pages with PDFEscape.
      • One minute video demo HERE (safe to open if warned.)
      • Step-by-step branding instructions HERE.
      • Brand the Client Appreciation handouts under ‘TOOLS.’
      • Ready to brand or re-order your report? Go to HERE.
      • Winning Listing Tool! Rise above the competition and mitigate loss and damages. Learn more HERE (video.)
      • To claim your free SAFEKEY Keytags email us at with your request.
      • We compared the top 3 REALTOR® website options, to help you decide where to spend your precious resources. We look at the pros and cons of getting a fully custom website, a template-based website and a WordPress site. Read more HERE.
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      • To activate your RealtyNinja free service email with the subject line ‘SnapStats Subscriber Here’ and advise them of the report editions you are subscribed to.

Feel free to use the logos and badges below for your newsletter or website. Just right click a logo, “Save Image As” to your desktop then UPLOAD THE IMAGE to your newsletter library (ie MailChimp or Zoho Campaigns.)

OPTION: Link your SnapStats Report as well to the SnapStats logo.


Logo-R-jpgFeel free to use the badges below for your website or marketing material. Identify yourself as a SnapStats subscriber setting yourself apart from the competition and prompting visitors to sign up for your list. Just right click a badge, “Save Image As” to your desktop to add to your website or marketing material . Two file types are offered: JPG and PNG.

File Type: JPG
File Type: JPG
File Type: PNG
File Type: PNG
      • Special SnapStats Safety tips for REALTORS® in their day to day activities: Learn more HERE.
      • REALTY Watch: If you or someone you know thinks that a Realty Watch fan-out may help find a missing family member or friend, you need to contact the police in your jurisdiction. Learn more about REALTY Watch HERE.
SnapStats gives back! Learn more HERE.

Metrics define the residential real estate queries that areas and statistics come up against. Some are counts, some are calculations. All SnapStats calculations are median. All data in our Reports is based on the MLS ‘processed date’ which is the same variable used by the REBGV and FVREB for their statistic packages and dynamic reporting. Therefore our data can be verified against both board’s data.


The median value is one of the most common measurements used to compare real estate prices and other data in different markets, areas and periods. It is said to be less biased than the mean (average) price since it is not as heavily influenced by small numbers of very highly priced home sales, or extraordinarily low priced home sales. SnapStats therefore subscribes to the principle of median measurements for data reporting purposes as requested by Managing Brokers and recommended by university professors.

Sales Price

Calculations are based on MLS sold data and ‘processed date’ (not sold date.)

Sale Price to List Price %

Percentage found when dividing a listing’s sales price by its original list price, then taking the median for all sold listings in a given month. Calculations are based on MLS sold data.

Days on Market

Median number of days between when a property is listed and when an offer is accepted in a given month. Calculations are based on MLS sold data.

Price Per Square Foot

Calculations are based on MLS sold data. Calculated by taking a median of closed sales price divided by square footage for each individual listing in the current period. Calculations are based on sold data.

Inventory (Active Listings)

The number of properties available for sale in active status on the first business day morning of each month with a maximum list date from the preceding month end. Calculations are based on MLS listing data.


A count of the actual sales that closed in a given month. Calculations are based on MLS sold data.

Sales Ratio % (Sales-to-active listing ratio)

The number of home sales divided by total active inventory for the specified period. Calculations are based on MLS sold data. Defines the official market type between Sellers, Balanced and Buyers. Reflects the speed of homes selling (higher the number, faster the market.)

MLS HPI Price (not represented in our reports)

The MLS Home Price Index (HPI) measures the rate of price change of housing features. Thus, the HPI measures typical, pure price change (inflation or deflation) and reflects general trends in the market place. It is for this reason that the HPI is not used in our reporting as we drill the data down to the point that the HPI cannot be applied (in fact the data is not even available.)

QUICK VIDEO  or see the 10 Fundamental Differences comparison PDF between SnapStats and the Board’s stats.


Depending on your browser, the reports requested will either download to your computer or open in a new window. Please be patient as they load if opening in your browser.

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