The Sales Ratio % column  is based on the Sales-to-Active listings ratio which is indicative of the likely market type and speed of which homes are selling.  For example, a 100% Sales Ratio means 10 in 10 homes selling rate (Market Type Indicator: Seller’s market); a 10% Sales Ratio means 1 in 10 homes selling rate (Market Type Indicator: Buyer’s market) and a 19% Sales Ratio means 2 out of 10 homes selling rate (Market Type Indicator: Balanced market.) See chart below.  Our monthly YTD reports provided sustained and defined periods of the Sales Ratio %.

The Sales Ratio % is ideal for your listing presentations, buyer appointments, offer presentations, and Seller price reduction meetings to educate your clients on the likely current  market conditions empowering them to make smarter decisions.

The guidelines for determining the indicative market type is as follows and as as per your local real estate board.

Market Type
Metro Vancouver
Greater Vancouver
Fraser Valley
Sellers 21% plus 21% plus
Balanced 12 – 20% 12 – 20%
Buyers 0 – 11% 0 – 11%

Example: 10% means 1 in 10 homes selling rate (indicative of a Buyers market.)



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