How does SnapStats make more sense than what is currently available to you from your Real Estate Board?

The answer is that we recalculate, restructure and simplify your Board statistics each month with a SINGLE PAGE summary for each city or real estate area with TEN fundamental differences such as;

  1. The Indicative Market Type* by PRICE and NEIGHBOURHOOD. Is it a Buyers, Sellers or a Balanced Market?
  2. What the ODDS are of a home selling today in any price range and in any neighbourhood. 1 in 10? 1 in 100?
  3. How much on average are homes selling for below list price (or above)?
  4. What is the most active price band? What is the Buyers Best Bet? Sellers Best Bet?
  5. Month-to-Month Variances for Solds, Inventory, Prices, Price per SQFT, Days on Market and more.
  6. 21 Price Bands vs 10 Price Bands.
  7. The past THIRTEEN MONTH trends for sale prices, active listings and number of sales.
  8. Personalized reports delivered up to six day faster than the Board’s and on weekends.

SnapStats® educates your Buyers and Sellers by showing clearly and quickly the opportunities and options available to them by inventory, price and neighbourhood so that they can make safer and smarter decisions to feel confident about their investment decisions.

SnapStats® provides you the competitive edge with indispensable information for listing presentations, offer negotiations, price reductions, subject to sale offer analysis, open houses, intelligent marketing material and cost effective marketing solutions. All with an easier and more effective statistical report of must know vital statistics that will make you more money, save you time and coin you “The Expert.”

*Market Type Indicators according to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley Real Estate Board and most industry analysts:

  • Sales Ratio%
  • Market Type Indicator
  • 0 – 11%
  • Buyers Market
  • 12% to 20%
  • Balanced Market
  • 21% & Greater
  • Sellers Market
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